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Kopeika Networks OÜ firmly stands in the realm of SMS services, securing its influence throughout Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. Anchored in innovation and service excellence, we've established ourselves as a pivotal player in the sector.

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Strategic Expansion & Collaborations

Eyeing new horizons, Kopeika Networks OÜ embarked on a strategic expansion towards the vast Chinese market. This endeavor culminated in securing a top-tier contract focused on SMS traffic termination towards Latin America, with special emphasis on Mexico and Brazil, and an emerging presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, and Chile.

Service Offerings

Our portfolio spans a wide range of digital communication solutions:

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Programmable SMS

Allows businesses to integrate versatile SMS functionalities into their apps, websites, or services.

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Two-Factor Authentication

A modern security solution ensuring advanced levels of protection for user interactions.

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Programmable Voice

Beyond text, we offer voice solutions that allow apps to make, receive, and control voice communications.

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Elastic SIP Trunking

Advanced voice and messaging capability with elastic scalability to fit business needs.

Protocols & Security Measures

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): We manage network devices ensuring uninterrupted SMS delivery.

OTP Traffic Protocols: We've tailored our infrastructure to efficiently handle one-time password (OTP) traffic, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in every delivery.

Furthermore, our cybersecurity framework is crafted to withstand and shield against emerging threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of each message.


Kopeika Networks OÜ is more than just an aggregator; we are the epicenter of trust, reliability, and innovation in the world of digital communications. We promise a future where Kopeika Networks OÜ remains the undisputed benchmark in global SMS and digital solutions.

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